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AEROFLOW AF49-1014 / BOSCH 044 Fuel Pump Filter Screen

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AEROFLOW AF49-1014 / BOSCH 044 Fuel Pump Filter Screen

Aeroflow's filter inlet screen is designed to be used with the AF49-1014 or the Bosch 044 fuel pumps. This high flow 60 micron synthetic filter screen features an internal support to keep the filter foam from sucking closed and restricting fuel flow. The kit is supplied with an anodised black M18x1.5 adapter that is safe for use with corrosive fuels and seales with a supplied nylon washer. A necessity that provides reassurance on fuel pump life, excellent for in-tank pumps.

- Brand : AEROFLOW
- To Suit : Aeroflow 044 (AF49-1014) & Bosch 044
- Inlet Fitting Size : M18x1.5
- Warranty : 12 Months
- Alcohol / Methanol Compatible
- Filter Screen Length : Length: 135mm (5-5/16")
- Filter Screen Width : Width: 57mm (2-1/4")
- Filter Micron : 60 micron