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Don’t have time to polish? Want instant results fast? Try a glaze and a wax.

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Don't have time to polish? Want instant results fast? Try a glaze and a wax.

Glazes are not permanent solutions, think of them as makeup for cars, they will in the small scratches and swirls that cause light to bounce off at different angles that make you see the scratch, and add depth and shine to your paint. But the paint is still the same, the scratches are still there, so it will wear off. It is however a great solution when you either don't want to remove paint through polishing (e.g. on an old classic car with thin paint and no clear coat), or when you don't have the time or equipment to polish.

Then add a layer of butter wet wax and you will have a great shine with quick results. You might also want to get a few beers (not included), as it is approximately a beer curing time between each layer. spread glaze, have a beer, buff off. Spread butter wet wax, have a beer, buff off.

You get in this kit:

1 Wet Mirror Finish glaze

1 Butter wet wax

1 Pack of two green microfiber applicators

1 Pack of three green happy ending microfiber cloths

Wet Mirror Finish Glaze will work well on any non matte paint car whatever the colour to give a nice wet look.