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No time for breakfast! No problem. Grab this kit and you can enjoy the smell of an amazing breakfast on your way to work.

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No time for breakfast! No problem. Grab this kit and you can enjoy the smell of an amazing breakfast on your way to work.
Maybe just a coffee, or coffee an doughnuts. Or some Bacon. Or if you have a big day ahead of you, all three!  Keep them in the car in case you get hungry.  Keep some next to the bed to calm those middle of the night cravings.  Get the kids out of bed early to the smell of bacon, only to watch their faces when there is no bacon.  The possibilities are endless.  Let us know how you use it!

Coffee We’ve harnessed the aroma of the boldest smelling dark roast full body coffee to put the pep in your engine. Rides and Coffee Scent Premium Air Freshener smells just like freshly roasted hand-picked coffee beans from the tallest mountains of the Sierra Madre. Sometimes you need the right motivation, so spray Rides and Coffee, and receive the strength to tackle even the most difficult challenges.
More Than Just An Air Freshener - There’s a reason perfume stores give you coffee beans to smell: they’re natural olfactory palate cleansers! Similarly, this coffee scented air freshener vigorously eradicates foul odors and decreases the occurrences of recurring odors over time. Rides and Coffee’s aromatic properties target and obliterate reeking odors at their source. Rides and Coffee doesn’t just neutralize odors, it promotes a heightened state of positivity that gets you running on all cylinders!
Doughnuts,  mmm doughnuts.  There are few scents as delicious as fresh-baked doughnuts. Now you can enjoy the essence of warm fresh-made donuts without any of the guilt, calories, or grams of saturated fat! Just one spray will fill your car with that heavenly aroma of fresh-made donuts hot out of the fryer, so you can enjoy all the deliciousness with none of the health risks that come with excessive doughnut intake.

Bacon isn’t just breakfast; it’s an experience. It tingles all the senses from your mouth to your nose to your eyes to ears. With just one spray, you’ll practically taste the cured pork melting like butter in your mouth. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the texture of the perfectly cooked pork strips rolling over your tongue. Squint a little and you can just about see the ribbons of red and white meat. Listen closely and hear the snap, crackle, and pop of the bacon slowly searing in its own fat on the burner.

Breakfast on the go, in the car, in the office, anywhere.  Now you are sorted.

Caution:  We know they smell good but don't eat or drink them.  Air freshener scents designed for adults, not for consumption.