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OPR T40 Oil Pressure Regulator 40psi (Black)

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Turbosmart’s Patent Pending OPR T40 is an Oil Pressure Regulator designed for your Turbocharger.

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Turbosmart’s Patent Pending OPR T40 is an Oil Pressure Regulator designed for your Turbocharger.

Many Turbochargers are built around a bearing and oil pressure profile much lower than is seen by modern & hi-performance, engines and feeding these turbochargers the appropriate amount of oil pressure hase always been a challenge. Traditional methods to limit oil pressure have been with a restrictor, aimed at reducing pressure – However this also reduces flow.

Turbosmart’s OPR T40 is a true regulator in that target oil pressure oil 40psi can be achieved without compromising oil flow. This takes the guess work out of restrictor, or feed and drain hose selection and ensure the oil going to the turbocharger, never exceeds the manufacturers tolerances – This will provide you rock solid oil supply pressure, within the manufactures tolerances.

Turbosmart OPRT40 Oil Pressure Regulator
Mounting Bracket & Circlip
1/8NPT Gauge Port Blanking Screw
Turbosmart Decal

Will this stop my Turbo blowing smoke?

Very likely, yes. It is a very common misconception that turbo’s have seals that leak when they fail. Turbocharger seals are more like a piston rings in an engine and designed to keep oil out of the exhaust and equally, exhaust out of the oil. They work on an assumed oil pressure profile or usually around 40psi – If you have higher oil pressure than that in your turbo, it can actually get straight past the ‘seal’ and that can cause smoking. It’s very common to see this on startup on some engines where ‘cold’ engine oil pressure is quite high.

Will this work for all turbo’s?

No. The 40 psi these are set at is suitable for Ball Bearing and some other modern turbochargers of various bearing design. You should check with your turbocharger manufacturer as to the supply requirements – We’ve found 40 psi to be right for most modern & hi performance turbochargers on the market.

Can I use it as a T piece for my twin turbo engine?

No, you will need a separate T piece. There are 3 fittings for the oil system – In, Out (to the Turbo) and bypass (to your engine oil supply / sump etc). There is also a 1/8NPT port on there for either a pressure gauge, or a sensor.

Is the Turbosmart OPRT40 it adjustable?

No. We’ve pre-set it to 40psi as this is the ideal pressure for most ball bearing turbochargers. We’ve pre-set it & not provided any adjustment so as to ensure you don’t have to risk your valuable turbocharger on startup by setting or adjusting the regulator – It’s good to go, straight out of the box.