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Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax delivers high gloss shine and protection to boats and watercraft.

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Premium Brazilian carnauba wax
Brilliant Boat Wet shine
Durable protection against the elements
Works on paint, fiberglass, gel coat, metal, plastic, and more
Blended from all-natural ingredients
Easy to apply by hand or machine

Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax delivers high gloss shine and protection to boats and watercraft. Car detailers and enthusiasts prefer natural carnauba wax for the ultimate shine, and now the same shine and protection is available for boats and watercraft. Boat Wet Wax bonds directly to fiberglass, gel coat, metal, glass, paintwork, and plastic hulls and exterior surfaces. Boat Wet Wax uses the highest quality Brazilian Carnauba wax to create a brilliant shine on any color boat or watercraft. Natural carnauba wax protects against UV solar rays, water spots, pollution, contamination, algae, grease, grime, oil, and more. Boat Wet Wax is the perfect last-step product to maintain the freshly-polished Boat Wet appearance. Enhance gloss, reduce surface drag, and protect a freshly polished boat or watercraft. Boat Wet Wax gives any color boat or watercraft the ultimate shine. Natural carnauba wax enhances deep-wet shine with a warm luster, while blended polymers enhance durability and longevity for reduced applications and maintenance. Give any boat or watercraft a brilliant shine and durable protection with Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax.

Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax is a premium paste wax for boats and watercraft. Boat Wet Wax is blended using all-natural Brazilian carnauba. We use the finest ingredients to create the perfect paste wax for any show winning boat or watercraft. Boat Wet is blended using top grade Brazilian carnauba to create a vibrant and brilliant shine. Custom built boats and watercraft are often painted over hundreds of hours. Custom paintwork, graphics, and designs can be enhanced and protected using a premium Brazilian paste wax. The exclusive fruit oil extracts and choice carnauba enhance any color boat and watercraft. Metallic and custom colors can shimmer on the water. The ultra-refined Brazilian carnauba is blended for easy application and removal . Custom show-winning boat builders from around the world choose Boat Wet Wax to give their prized watercraft the stunning appearance that win competitions every year. Just one coat of Boat Wet Wax will take the appearance of any custom racing boat, jetski, speed boat, or weekend sailboat to the next level of perfection.

Protecting your boat or watercraft is important. Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax is designed for maximum protection of your vessel. The premium blend of natural carnauba is formulated to protect any boat or watercraft from the harsh conditions of the seven seas. Whether you are on a journey around the world, or a 3-hour tour, Boat Wet Wax protects your vessel. UV solar rays, water spots, salt spray, bird droppings, and environmental contamination all can destroy the appearance of your boat. Boat Wet Wax gives a durable coating of all-natural protection to your favorite boat. Contamination will simply slide right off the hull of your watercraft. Boat Wet Wax makes washing and maintaining your boat easier. Boat Wet Wax is created specifically for marine applications, giving you protection that is second to none. Boat Wet Wax prevents fading, discoloration, and oxidation by blocking out the sun. Advanced UV solar protection ensure your vessel stays looking great for years on the water.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax simply melts into any color paintwork revealing a finish so deep you will want to dive right in with the astonishing color. Butter Wet Wax reveals the amazing natural beauty of you vehicle’s paintwork. Blue paintwork appears deep as the ocean. Red appears vibrant like fire, and white shines pure like fresh snow when protected with a coat of Butter Wet Wax. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax works amazing on solid and metallic colored paintwork as well as most non-textured surfaces to make your paint shine with the vibrant magic of natural carnauba. Stand out from the crowd, and let your car be star of the show. Your vehicle says so much about your personality, so tell the world you’re a shining star in a fresh-waxed car.

How To Use:
Only use Boat Wet Wax on well-maintained or freshly-cleaned and polished boats and watercraft.
Spread a thin, even layer over a small portion of the hull, or any exterior surface where a brilliant deep-wet shine is desired.
Allow 20 minute cure time, then buff off using a premium microfiber towel.
Treat watercraft with Boat Wet Wax twice a year to maintain the original appearance.