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S&S 550 Cam Kit For Harley Milwaukee Eight 2017-2021

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S&S 550 Cam Kit For Harley Milwaukee Eight 2017-2021

S&S 550C/G Camshaft Kit For Harley Milwaukee Eight
S&S has been in the business of making Harley-Davidson motorcycles go fast for a very long time, and their innovation in the world of cams is not exactly a secret. If you're looking for more power from your bike, a cam is a wonderful place to start - especially if you've already done most of the easy 'bolt-on' modifications. Installing an S&S cam is a surefire way to make your mill suit your riding style while getting maximum output and reliability.

- 550 series camshaft is an ideal high horsepower cam for 114" and larger engines. 120HP, 120Ft⋅Lb
- Chain Drive
- Excellent 114" and larger engines
- Kits include all required bearings, o-rings and hardware
- Requires Heavy Duty Valve Spring kit for installation
- Made in the USA

S&S550 Cam Information
- Front Intake open/close 9.4°/29.4°
- Front Exhaust open/close 62.5°/30.5°
- Rear Intake open/close 3.1°/31.1°
- Rear Exhaust open/close 59.4°/38.4°
- Front Intake duration 218.9°
- Rear Intake duration 214.2°
- Front Exhaust duration 273.1°
- Rear Exhaust duration 277.8°
- Intake Lift .550"
- Exhaust Lift .550"
- Front Intake Lobe Center Line 100.0°
- Front Exhaust Lobe Center Line 106.0°
- Rear Intake Lobe Center Line 104.0°
- Rear Exhaust Lobe Center Line 100.5°
- Front Intake Lift at TDC .127"
- Front Exhaust Lift at TDC .232"
- Rear Intake Lift at TDC .099"
- Rear Exhaust Lift at TDC .264"
- Front Overlap 39.9°
- Rear Overlap 41.5°