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Water Spots aren’t just ugly, they are dangerous!  Check out the visibility difference in this St Johns Ambulance from our friends at Trucks and Trailers.

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Water Spots aren't just ugly, they are dangerous!  Check out the visibility difference in this St Johns Ambulance from our friends at Trucks and Trailers.

This kit was made for them to help St Johns Keep their glass and mirrors clean, and to make it easier to keep them clean.

Clean with window cleaner, then use water spot remover to remove waterspots, neutralize with water, then protect with Jetseal.

How to use it:

Work out of direct sunlight for best results.
Clean area to remove any loose dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination:
Spray Chemical Guys window cleaner onto one of the workhorse microfiber towels, these have tiny hooks on them to help grip and remove dirt and grime.
You want to clean the window properly to you get maximum exposure to the water spots in the next step.
Clean with the workhorse microfiber towel (have it quite wet).  Clean the inside of the windows as well so you can see how you are going.
A pro tip is to wipe in one direction on the inside e.g. left to right, and another direction on the outside e.g. up and down, so if you get a streak you can tell by the direction it's going in if it is on the inside or the outside.
Wipe dry with the waffle weave towel as you go.  the workhorse is best for cleaning, the waffle weave best for streak free drying.
Work 3-5 dots of Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover over 2’ x 2’ area with the plush microfiber applicator pad.
Wipe with Workhorse Microfiber Cloth.
Re-clean the area with plenty of water using the spray bottle to neutralize the water spot gel.
Repeat as necessary for bad water spots.
Seal the area with Jetseal to help prevent future contamination and water spot etching and make it easier to remove water spots for up to 12 months.  Apply jet seal with a new clean applicator, wait 20 minutes, then hand buff the excess off with a new clean workhorse microfiber Cloth.
This will remove surface water spots.  If however water spots have etched into the glass polishing may be required.

You Get:

473ml bottle of Chemical Guys Glass Cleaner (Signature or Streak free depending on availability)
Pack of 3 workhorse microfiber cloths to clean (and use a separate clean one to buff off the Jet Seal).
One waffle weave window and mirror drying towel.
Pack of 2 Workhorse microfiber applicators, 1 for the water spot remover, 1 for the Jetseal).
A professional water spray bottle to spray water to neutralize.  This has the more durable and more comfortable longer trigger.
473ml bottle of Chemical Guys water spot remover.
473ml bottle of Chemical Guys Jetseal.
This will do a few vehicles, how many depends on how much you use it, how bad the spots are, how large the vehicles are.

All items are also available individually, and in larger sizes.