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We get it, there are so many cool products, you don’t know where to start. Our Arsenal Starter Kits give you the solid basics to get started on the different areas of detailing.

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We get it, there are so many cool products, you don't know where to start. Our Arsenal Starter Kits give you the solid basics to get started on the different areas of detailing. You can add them together like building blocks to build your Chemical Guys Arsenal, and then later over time can mix match try and add individual products to your Arsenal. This Kit is all you need to detail your wheels like a pro.

You get: 1 Bucket and Black dirt trap to use as a dedicated wheel bucket. Wash your wheels FIRST. I know, most of us were taught to ash the wheels last because they are the dirtiest, but you don't want to risk spraying brake dust all over your nice paint when you hose it off. Using a separate dedicated wheel bucket and doing the wheels first is how the Pros do it.

You also get a selection of brushes. Having the right tools makes cleaning wheels easy and gets great results. We all have seen clean rims with missed dirty bits in the corners, around the wheel nuts, or a clean wheel face with a dirty barrel or dirty wheel arch. You have to have the right gear to do the job, without it you spend a lot of time and still don't get the results you want. So we've included here an amazing Ferret to clean gaps in the wheels and the barrels (If you have tight gaps or would like a softer brush please see our other Arsenal Starter Kit - WHEELS (Pro) kit. You also get a long handle soft green brush for cleaning the tires and mag face, and for reaching up to clean under the wheel arches. The long handle also is good for not having to bend over as much so easier on your back. And you get a Boars Hairs brush which is great for cleaning around the wheel nuts and other hard to clean areas.

And you get two of our top wheel cleaners: DeCon Pro is the specialty color-changing gel that removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and body panels before they can destroy your car.

And Sticky Citrus Gel is a thick viscosity wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims, keeping the all-natural formula exactly where you need it fighting dirt and debris without rolling off.

You also get a pack of black applicators, a jar of Wheel Guard rim wax to protect your rims and help repel dirt and brake dust, and a pack of 3 Black Happy Ending towels, to first dry off your rims and tires, and with a separate clean Happy Ending Cloth to buff off the excess Wheel Guard Rim Wax.

We have NOT INCLUDED TIRE SHINE as there is such a range of preferences.  There is a quick guide at the end of this section...

One kit (+ tire shine separately), and you have all you need to detail your wheels like a pro and join the Chemical Guys family!

Add this to the WASH - Arsenal Kit and you have a full pro 3 bucket wash Arsenal.

Add More Kits and other products to build your Arsenal.

This is the same as the "Arsenal Starter Kit - WHEELS (Pro)" but without the expensive Wheel Woollies brush set, instead with a ferret brush.

To recap this Kit includes:

1 Bucket

1 black dirt trap

1 ferret wheel brush

1 long handled soft green wheel and wheel arch brush

1 Boars Hair brush

1 Decon Pro Iron remover

1 Citrus Sticky Wheel Cleaner Gel

1 Pack of 2 black microfiber applicators

1 Jar Wheel Guard Rim Wax

1 Pack of 3 Black Workhorse Towels

It does NOT include Tyre shine.

Here's a quick guide to find the right tire shine for you:

There is a trade off in tire shine between gels that need to be applied with an applicator, and sprays that are quicker to apply but may not be as effective. Oil based that lasts longer and will give a shinier wet look, but that can splatter or have dust stick to it if you move the car before letting it dry, vs water based which will look more natural like a new tire, and that will dry faster so wont splatter, but that a they are water based will not last as long and are water soluble so can run in the rain (though easy to re apply). If you like the natural look we would recommend Silk shine in a spray with a pack of workhorse microfiber cloths. Or V.R.P. with an applicator like this. If you like shiny tires and want it to last consider extreme shine in a spray, again with microfiber cloths, or the forever black gel will an applicator. We recommend color coding tire/wheel gear black to avoid mixing them up and accidentally getting tire shine on your paint or leather when the cloth you thought was clean wasn't so clean after all (it happens). Another good tip is got get more microfiber cloths than you think you need so you can build a dirty pile/bin and get new ones without running out. Wash them separately on a lot heat with microfiber wash and ideally air dry or low heat only (or it can melt the little ends turning your high quality clothes into little scratch makers)